Dear Sister from SNL original videos, whole story and parodies

Ok, we know that it's not that easy to get the real videos because we had the problem ourselves! That's why we decided to post this with the back story and original videos of this famous scene that SNL parodied so well + some of the best parodies we've found so far... Enjoy!

This is how it started... Once upon a show called the O.C. and tragic scene... tragic but unintentionally hilarious because of the use of the song Hide and Seek: hmmm whatcha say (find below as well ;)).

So we were saying O.C:

Then the classic SNL parody !!!!

The original music - quite beautiful music btw - from Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (be very patient for the hmmm whatcha sayyyy ;))

The best parodies:

In Lost:

In CSI with Justin Bieber !!

In Dexter

In Superbad

In 300:

It reminds me there is the Doctore from the series Spartacus.. but can't find any parody from it...If anyone finds it, please leave a comment with the link, we'll add it!

In Degrassi: Jimmy Gets Shot

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  1. Thanks for putting all these up! This is a great alternative to watching Dear Sister spoofs on YouTube, then getting Rickrolled...